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Rob Mack was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1954, and moved with his military family to El Paso, Texas at the age of 5. He is a graduate of Irvin High School and spent 6 years in the US Army. He relocated back to El Paso in 1976 after an honorable discharge, and spent 22 years working at Asarco. Rob currently works full time at Western Refining as an Instrument Supervisor. Although he has received no formal schooling in the subject, Rob has been an avid lover of art since he was a small child and entered many art competitions as a young boy. His father rejected the idea of his attending art school after graduation from high school, and instead sent him to Dallas to study electronics. He was told he would starve if he pursued a career in art. Given no option, Rob followed the path his father chose, but maintained his interest and love for art. Over the years, Rob has devoted his spare time to many different art forms including wood carving, stain glass making, photography and painting. He is completely self-taught and for the past couple of years, has concentrated his efforts solely on painting. He works in acrylics, utilizing bright and bold colors, making his distinct style easily recognizable. Rob paints primarily from his imagination and enjoys creating unique and interesting works. He hopes to devote himself full time to his art after retirement from Western Refining. Rob began showing his work in April 2011 at the Main Street Gallery, 1456 Main Street, San Elizario, Texas, where his studio is currently located. He was honored to win the “Heart of El Paso” Award for the 2012 Avance Toma Mi Corazon Auction.

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